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ONE TEXT OR CALL COULD WRECK IT ALLDistracted driving is a dangerous epidemic on America's roadways. In 2010 alone, over 3,000 people were killed in distracted driving crashes.The U.S. Department of Transportation is leading the effort to stop texting and cell phone use behind the wheel. READ MORE >>

Spring ahead with these home maintenance tips. Inspect your smoke detectors, and make usre that there is one on each floor of your home. Test them monthly, and change the batteries annually or as needed. Check the light bulbs in all your fixtures to be sure they are the correct wattage as recommended by the manufacturer. READ MORE >>

It's becoming increasingly popular to invest in sustainable products for the home. But it’s also popular to live in a home that was actually built to be green—or eco-friendly. In a green home, the focus is on creating ways to use environmentally friendly products for building and environmentally friendly ways of heating, cooling, lighting and generally powering the home. READ MORE >>

If you have a high deductible health insurance plan, or even a low deductible plan, your deductible will reset on the anniversary of your plan year. That means that if you’ve been enjoying the reduced cost of care that comes after meeting your deductible, you’ll be in for a bit of an ... READ MORE >>

Because Babies need Specialists.Hagerty specializes in collector cars and their adopted parents. Both deserve pampering - car and expertise you won't find in the practices of general insurance companies. Contact Henrich Insurance Group for a consultation. The doctor is always in.5 Reasons to Choose HAGERTY Today! READ MORE >>

When you buy auto insurance, you have to create a marriage between your budget restrictions and the risks you face for liability, injury and property damage. This isn’t always easy to do, but one thing that can offer some assistance is to become familiar with average auto insurance claims. READ MORE >>

2010 brought many changes to flood zone maps over several counties in Texas. If your home’s location has been reclassified as a flood zone and you no longer have a mortgage on it then you may not be aware of these changes because you are not required to buy flood insurance. READ MORE >>

Check out these hot tips for finding the best combination of coverage and price.By John Loos       Think you're paying too much for your car insurance?Understanding your car, your policy, and your insurance company can only help you - and your wallet - in the long run. READ MORE >>

It’s always a good idea to meet with an insurance agent before you commit to an insurance policy. Prior to meeting with an agent, it can be helpful to get multiple online quotes so that you understand how different options affect your insurance premiums. READ MORE >>

Many disasters caused by winter weather conditions can be prevented by taking a few simple steps. Although it's hard to think about such things during warmer months, it's important to be prepared when the colder weather arrives. It's hard to predict the weather in the future. READ MORE >>

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